I am a software engineer with background in both Computer Science and Electrical Engineering. I have special interest in Human Computer Interaction as I believe it has very strong potential to assist people with sensory disabilities and put bluntly its cool.

Occasionally, we all experience moments in our life that can be compared to a crippling punch to liver. These moments transform our day to day life into one with purpose and character, defining both our past and our future. Ever since I was a child I always wanted to join the Indian Army as I grew up during the Kargil War. I was always fascinated as one my friends who was like elder brother served in IAF, and he used to tell stories about PARATROOPERS. All my childhood I was fascinated and inspired by stories of the valor and daredevilry of these men and wanted to earn the MAROON BERET and WINGS. I was 16 when I was diagnosed to have a disability in form of red green colorblindness during the application process for the Military Academy and thus unfit for service. I had to choose engineering as a result. But I never found satisfaction in it. So I decided to try to solve some problems that those with severe difficulties face due to my background in HCI in my spare time.

I have been working on making low cost bidirectional communication devices for deafblind based on ubiquitous devices like phones so that they may be able to freely communicate with everyone and be able to express themselves with everyone else freely.

I have been also researching for better step by step navigation for people with blindness for some time now so that they are better able to use navigational Maps. Guide dogs are amazing at what they do i.e avoiding obstacles and oncoming traffic but unfortunately they have no way of understanding the intent of their owner where they want to go, the owner needs to keep guiding dog. I want to use Spatial 2D audio for providing better and more intutive audible cues to owner so that they can navigate the world represented as a Audio Graph.

This will be my legacy.

In words of late Capt Manoj Pandey PVC

if death strikes me before I prove my blood , I swear I will Kill death,

Edit 1 - I FINALLY EARNED MY WINGS in year 2020 after undergoing Basic Paramotor Course from Indian Army




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