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An analysis of the 12 balls problem from perspective of Information and coding theory.

Problem: Given 12 balls/coins where all are identical save one such that the odd ball can be either lighter or heavier than other normal balls. We are given a beam balance that we can use for…

Consider a setting in which you have to share a secret among a group of participants such that a fixed no of participants are needed to recover it. The secret is divided into parts, giving each participant his own unique part.


Divide the secret S(for ex Nuclear launch codes) in…

Exploration of counterfeit coin problems using Information Theory.An interesting question whose solution eludes if some key observations are not made. Analysis of the question will provide some key insights for application of Information Theory to such kinds of problems as a whole.

Problem: Given 3 pairs of coins such that…

An interview question that caught me completely off guard.

Q. Consider a infinite square field in which you are standing at origin of the coordinate system. The field is populated with some trees that you are allergic to, such that the trees are point sized and are placed on integer…

I am a software engineer with background in both Computer Science and Electrical Engineering. I have special interest in Human Computer Interaction as I believe it has very strong potential to assist people with sensory disabilities and put bluntly its cool.

Occasionally, we all experience moments in our life that…

Few words about ENTROPY and its applications

  • Entropy always increases.
  • Entropy represents the diversity of internal distribution of system.
  • Entropy is a function of state of system dependent only on initial and final states.
  • Information theory provides results that are independent of mechanism.

Problem: There is a gang of 256…


Reach for the sky

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